If we continue to think that our world only existed of the things we could see, we would deny ourselves the majesty of the universe yet to be discovered.  Hopefully the captain of the Titanic learned that what is visible is only a tiny fraction of what is "really" there.  Just because the tip of the iceberg can be seen above the surface of the ocean, it should be noted that what is below the surface is considerably more important and should never be discounted.

As Feng Shui is the study of placement in the world of energy, BioGeometry is the science that balances the quality of the energy that is present.  It is this invisible energy that can affect our environment and our health and can actually be corrected to make our environment feel and actually be  more conducive to health and success.  The practitioner of BioGeometry has the tools and equipment available to actually measure the quality of the energy of a room, location or individual, and take the necessary steps to correct that energy quality.

If you've ever walked into a room and felt one side just felt better and there was absolutely no furniture inside, the placement would not be the issue.  If you've recently moved into a new location or just entered a hotel room and found you couldn't sleep peacefully, you may be sleeping on a grid line or may be affected by other invisible energy fields.

The earth has grid lines that are all over the planet, and sleeping for a prolonged period of time on these lines can definitely affect the cellular activity of  an individual.  Electricity, radio waves  and cellular phone sites have a tremendous effect on us at a cellular and quantum level, and as the Titanic taught us,  must be taken into consideration when  attempting to improve our living space.

BioGeometry used the energy principles of shapes to balance biological energy systems.  By using the proprietary shapes that replicate and amplify these highly beneficial natural energy qualities, they can transmute less harmonious fields by interacting with the body's surrounding energy field.

Egyptian architect and scientist, Dr. Ibrahim Karim has dedicated his life to research the principles of this energy system. He has founded and identified three essential energy qualities based on the resonance and harmonic relationship of energy and shape.

It has been my pleasure to have studied since 2001, with Dr. Karim, who I have called "Pythagoras of the New Millennium".  He is a delightful genius who has provided me with the missing link I had sought throughout my life.

To me, this new yet ancient science has pulled the mystical into the realm of science and has successfully reconciled the balance and  subsequent destiny of science and spirit into one "unified field" .

I am grateful to represent such a remarkable field and to be able to successfully use this in my work allowing me to heal and assist in transforming the lives of my clients and students.

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