Welcome to Feng Shui Designs
By Sharon Baldoni

If you have an adventuresome spirit you may appreciate things that seem a bit new or unusual.

If you are interested in shortcuts, that were once available only to emperors of the ancients, you should probably stay on this site. And if you are pursuing a dream or vision of what you could become, please don't leave, because the excitement of this mystical yet scientific world, may soon captivate and intrigue you.

Have you needed to understand how a remote control device works before you pick it up to use?

Do you need to totally understand how a plane flies before you board the next flight?

What happens to the radio waves after you hear them in the form of news and music on the gadget you call a radio?

These common everyday things that we all take for granted never cause us a thought, but for many, the idea of actually moving a piece of furniture or sitting with our back to the door causes more trauma to change- yet when you finally do it, you are amazed at the power it induced.

This practice, called Feng Shui is no mystery at all, no more a mystery than the remote control. It captures and redirects the same energy waves as your common household radio, and it can enable you to soar into your destiny without having to leave your home or pack your bags. But because it is so new in our part of the world, you may need to be convinced of its usefulness and aware of its power.

I am a Feng Shui practitioner and interior designer and lover of the wonderful workings of science and technology. I believe that your thoughts and dreams can merge into one in our malleable future and that your imagination, when aligned with the power of the Divine, can enhance your life and open up opportunities that you felt were possible but just didn't know quite how to manifest.

With good thoughts and strong intentions,  you can make your dreams manifest into reality. Understanding how energy moves and applying it to your life and your home-- your world shifts. 

It is never too late to be what you might have been and have what you deserve. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Feng Shui!


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